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As one of the largest purchases in your life, when buying a home it is imperative that you select a highly competent agent, are versed in your target neighboords, and are(?)

The first crucial step in the purchasing process is finding the right, qualified agent to guide you through a successful transaction. Purchasing a home is a big investment with many legal and financial ramifications, so you should not choose just any real estate agent or real estate team. You should choose TheWrightAgent to help you find your dream home, handle your purchase negotiations, and insure your move in process is easy and effortless.

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Getting pre-approved by a local lender is one of the first things you should do for many reasons. A pre-approval letter is a prerequisite for serious consideration of your offer. Knowing the available loan amount will aid in contract negations and insuring your closing cost are covered.

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Clients generally have an initial idea of what cities and neighborhoods appeal most to them. However, you should examine your criteria to determine the areas within the neighborhoods you feel are a good match. Our agents will personally take you any home you will like to view.

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Next, our agent will work with you to draft an offer. Our agent will speak with the listing agent ahead of time to ascertain the seller’s desires and to see if you can offer any items of value to the seller with little cost to you.

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