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TheWrightAgent Real Estate Team has been representing buyers and sellers all throughout the Virginia area. We specializes particularly in design related real estate. From the very beginning, we have been raising the bar for what it means to provide first-rate service to our clients.

In today’s real estate market, selling and buying a home requires advanced knowledge of online as well as traditional marketing platforms. Just having a real estate license and listing a home on the MLS is not enough – you want an agent who has their ear to the ground when it comes to market trends, a deep understanding of the communities they serve, and the ability to think outside the box. As part of TheWrightAgent Real Estate team, our skills go far beyond closing deals.

TheWrightAgent Real Estate Team is well known for our all-out approach to the job. Whether dealing with a buyer or a seller, we are masterful at creating aggressive, effective online marketing campaigns that get maximum exposure. With our vast network and access to real-time market information, TheWrightAgent(s) are able to give valuable insights and guidance in all aspects of the buying and selling process.

I am Everton Wright Jr Owner of TheWrightAgent Real Estate Team. Before I began my career in real estate I was a full time student obtaining my degree in design from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. When creating my real estate business I wanted to fuse the two industry of real estate and design. I learned in my first year as a agent that it isn't enough to just  help clients buy and sell home. Every client is different and will have different needs and wants. Most buyers want to purchase their dream home or something close to it. Sometimes the market doesn't have what a buyer wants. To overcome that I began to help my clients find homes that they can then remodel and create the home of their dreams. I would create a full room to room design presentation showing what I can transform the home into. When I worked with my sellers, I came to the realization that what seller are looking for is not a real estate agent but a full time interior designer, who just so happens to hold a real estate licensed. A lot of seller want their agent to take over the selling process of their home from start to finish. This mean decluttering the home, staging it, landscaping, professional photography, and custom marketing of the home. All aspects that seems perfect for an agent who has a background in the design field. With my sellers I try to make sure they don't have to lift a finger in the process so they can focus on finding there second home or getting themself and their family ready to move. While offering these additional design concierge services to my clients I decided to make it the DNA of my brand and decided to create TheWrightAgent Real Estate Team.